Camp Application System

We are happy you want to apply for camp this year! We introduced a new application system in 2016 using the COGWA Portal. This is the system we are now using for all applications and registrations. The application system goes live in March each year! If you have not yet used the system to apply for camp or to register for the Feast, Winter Family Weekend or Young Adult Leadership Weekend, then you will first need to create an account in the portal.

To do so, we recommend you print our PDF tutorial by clicking the button below to open the file.

PDF Tutorial

If you already have an account in the portal and have all your family members added to your account, the process will be much faster for you. Just log into your portal account at, scroll down to the bottom of your home page and click the CYC application link. Then walk through the application steps, first selecting the family member, then indicating whether he or she wants to be a camper or staff member, and then selecting the camp he or she wishes to apply for. After that, just walk through the application steps.

As a reminder, the application process has four sections:

  1. Applicant Details (two pages)
  2. Medical (four pages)
  3. Medications the applicant is taking (one page)
  4. Insurance coverage (one page)

Much of the required information will already be there if you applied for camp last year. (Required fields are marked with an asterisk *.) Here are a few details to help you:

  • On Applicant’s Medical:
    • Page 1: Make sure the physician and emergency contact information is all up to date.
    • Page 2: All 25 questions will require a current answer. Since health information can change from year to year, we require these to be answered fresh each camp season.
    • Pages 3 and 4: Update any history of diseases and vaccination information that has changed from the previous year.
  • On Applicant’s Medications page: We will prefill any medications that were listed last year. Delete any that are no longer being taken and add any new medications.
  • Insurance: It is crucial that you review the insurance company, policy number and other information on this page. If it is not current, click the “Plus” button behind “Household Insurers” and add new information coverage as needed.

After finishing the final application steps, you will come to a page with a “Submit Application” button on the bottom. Be sure to click that button to complete the application.

You will be taken to a confirmation page. Be sure to also follow the steps listed there, including printing and signing the agreements, medication management document and health exam form, all of which need to be mailed to the camp director after being signed.

That’s it!

If you need to modify an existing registration for any reason (to change camps or update health information or insurance, for example), go to the PDF Tutorial for details on how to make changes.

Please note: When you receive a confirmation of acceptance to camp from the camp director, please edit your application to include your travel information. Once the camp director changes an application status to “Accepted,” a new button—the “Edit Travel” button—will appear to the right of the blue “View Details” button for that application. Click that button to enter (or update) transportation information. If that information changes before camp, please go back and update it! That is the information the camp director will use to know how you plan to arrive. He will also use that to plan transportation runs to and from airports, so be sure to update it for any flight changes.

We hope you enjoy the new system and look forward to seeing your applicant(s) at camp this year! Here's a link to the portal once you have read this article:
COGWA Portal

Ken Treybig
Overall Camp Coordinator