After running all our June preteen camps, we have made a few updates to our COVID protocols that we feel will help with our twin goals of keeping campers and staff sate and at the same time running normal camps. These will be in effect for camps for the remainder of 2021--which will primarily be our longer teen camps. Please be sure to read them in their entirity by clicking the link below.

CYC Camps 2021 COVID-19-UPDATED-2


Since our protocols include options for PCR (preferred) or rapid antigen COVID tests (if you cannot get a PCR test), we thought it would be helpful to share some links that indicate free testing is available in some locations. Each option will have various criteria that must be met to qualify for its free test, so it would be good to check them out well in advance. Some health insurance companies will also pay for the test, so be sure to check on that.

We will update this page as we become of aware of other options. If you discover free or low-cost testing options, please email us at so that we can post this information for others to take advantage of.

This Health and Human Services website has a page that allows you to find no-cost testing locations in your state: HHS Coronavirus Testing.

Here is a site for a company that says it offers free COVID-19 testing in various locations around the United States: Its requirements to qualify for a free test seem to be minimal.

You may also look into the testing offered at various commercial drugstores, such as these: