COGWA Youth Camps (CYC) is sponsored by the Church of God, a Worldwide Association, Inc. (https://cogwa.org/), headquartered in McKinney, Texas. Each year we have over 500 volunteer staff members that serve around 600 campers in six preteen camps and five teen camps. Most campers attend the camp in their region of the country year after year and develop great friendships with campers and staff members as they participate in fun, educational and challenging activities for three days (preteen camps) to a week (teen camps). CYC uses rented camp facilities scattered across the United States. Outdoor recreational opportunities are utilized at all camps to enrich the campers’ experience and develop their appreciation for God’s creation.

Our goal is to help campers connect to God, as well as to adults and peers of like mind, through a variety of fun activities in the setting of a godly, peaceful, supportive and inclusive environment. It is also our desire to have as many campers as possible “catch the vision” and come back to serve as staff once they graduate from high school.