In 2016 we introduced a new way to apply for camp, using the COGWA Portal. If you applied before using the Portal, go there now to apply for this year's camps. There is also a green "Apply Now" button on the right side bar of each camp's page and details.

If you have NOT used the COGWA Portal before you will need to create an account there to apply. Please start by reading the “Camp Application System” article. It will explain the process and will also point out a few important steps, including how to enter your transportation details once you have been accepted to camp.

If this is the first year you have applied for camp, don’t worry. That article also includes a link to the tutorial on how to set up and then modify a camp application.

For your peace of mind, all information is collected on an encrypted SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection to protect the data you provide over the Internet.

Note: Those who cannot apply online will need to contact the camp director. Since all our information will be on the secure server, the camp director will set up a phone call to take your information over the phone and enter it in the online system.

Governmental regulations and concerns over protection of minors have continued to increase, so you will find a few questions on the application that relate to that topic. In response to what state governments are beginning to require here in the U.S., the most reputable association in the camping realm has changed their regulations to require a background check of all adults who want to serve at camps to show due diligence in wanting to protect the precious young people who attend camps.

Once you have finished an application, you will shown a confirmation on screen and will be sent an email with the same information. (NOTE: The email will go to the address of the person who created the Portal account since that is the only email address the system has confirmed as valid.) The emai will include some crucial links to additional items you will need to take care of in order for your application to be considered complete. If the confirmation email does not arrive, don't worry. You can simply go to your Portal account, find the application and click on the "View" icon (looks like an eyeball).

We do not have an online payment system established for all our camps yet, but we do have one for Camp Lone Star, so be sure to read the confirmation email message for details on payments for that preteen camp. For all the other camps, we will continue to ask that you mail the payment in the form of a check to the appropriate camp director. Please make checks payable to COGWA Youth Camps – {camp name} unless something different is specified in the email. For example, if you are applying for Camp Carter, you will make the check out to “COGWA Youth Camps – Carter.”

We trust you will enjoy the convenience of applying electronically, and we look forward to a wonderful camp year!