1. How do I apply for camp?

You can apply for camp online through your COGWA Portal account. If you do not already have an account, go to the Apply page for instructions on how to set up an account. If you do not have access to the Internet, please contact the director. He will arrange a time to fill it in online for you as you supply the information over the phone, since all information must be entered into our system at some point anyway.

2. Can I attend more than one camp?

Yes, you can apply for as many camps as you like. Of course you will need to evaluate how many camps you can afford to attend. You will be responsible for the tuition fee and any transportation costs to and from camp. If there is a waiting list, we may give preference to campers who have not attended another camp that year.

3. Can preteens and teens who are not in COGWA attend camp?

Yes, as long as they are willing to comply with the rules and values of our camps. Any camper, whether attending with COGWA or not, may be sent home at the parents’ expense if there are discipline problems. If any camp has more applicants than can be accepted, we give preference to members.

4. If I need a scholarship to attend camp, how do I apply?

You can request the scholarship form from the director of the camp to which you are applying. Complete the scholarship form, then send it to your pastor. Because there are limited scholarship funds, we try to help those who have greater need for assistance. Generally, only partial scholarships are provided, so we encourage parents to budget for camp. Also teens can work and save money for camp. You will not be able to receive scholarship funds if you are attending multiple camps.

5. Can I choose my dorm?

No, campers do not choose their dorm or dorm mates. The camp director, or someone appointed by the director, will make all dorm assignments. There are several factors involved in making dorm assignments, but we believe most campers will find they have friends in their dorm and will be able to make new friends quickly. We do not make dorm changes to accommodate personal requests. If there are any concerns, parents may contact the camp director prior to camp.

6. Can I bring my iPod or MP3 player?

No, we do not allow electronic devices like music players, games or computers. One of the benefits of camp is that campers come into an environment where the focus is on the Zone environment, personal relationships and learning about God’s way of life. We have found these devices draw campers away from the focus of camp. You may use these devices during travel to and from camp. If you bring them to camp, they will be safely stored and given back when camp is over.

7. Can I bring my cell phone?

For similar reasons to those explained above, we only allow use of cell phones to call home at designated times. The times will vary for each camp, but camp staff will provide access to cell phones so campers can communicate with family when appropriate. All phones are collected at the start of camp. Campers should plan to use some other device for pictures or as an alarm clock.

8. Are practical jokes allowed at camp?

Practical jokes are not allowed at camp because they tend to be upsetting to the victim and can escalate quickly as each person tries to get back at the other. We encourage a respectful environment at camp, where healthy relationships can grow.

9. What age should I be to apply to serve as staff at camp?

Staff applicants should be at least 13 years old to serve at a preteen camp--17 for a teen camp. However, often those who are accepted at our teen camps are over 18. Some younger staff applicants also apply as a camper so they can attend camp, even if not accepted as staff. If you are younger, but interested in serving in a staff position, we encourage you to serve as a staff member at one of our preteen camps. This is a helpful way to gain experience.

10. Where can I find the CYC Code of Conduct?

It is posted with navigation button at the top of the main camp page as well as with a link right under the Mission Statement at the bottom of the main page. You can also access it here.