Winter Camp


Winter Camp provides a wonderfully unique experience for campers. Perhaps you’ve never played broomball. It’s like hockey but without skates. You’ll get to fly down a snow-covered hill on inner tubes onto a frozen pond. There’s also an Amazing Race . We also have other challenging games for teams.

You’ll also enjoy more traditional camp activities like volleyball, kickball and dance class. We play games like flag football  out in the snow. There are team-building and challenge activities.such as an escape room..

In the evening, we enjoy campfire chats and time with friends. We also have the much-anticipated camp dance on the last night of camp.

For a real challenge, some campers will be able to go on our “Winter Camping Challenge.” You’ll spend the night camping out in the snowy Wisconsin woods. Of course, activities may vary some based on the weather conditions.

In addition to fun, you’ll get to spend time with old friends and meet many new ones. It’s wonderful to spend time with youth of the same faith. Together, you’ll learn more about God’s way and His amazing plan for you. Morning compass checks and Christian living classes will help you develop spiritually.

Campers develop a special bond at Winter Camp. We hope to see you there, and we’re confident that you’ll enjoy the experience.

Camper Arrival
12/27 unless traveling with a staff member.x

Staff arrival

Travel Information
(Please do not make reservations until after being accepted.)
If flying to camp, plan to fly to the General Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Flights should arrive on Dec. 26 between noon and 3:00 p.m.  Departures should be on Jan. 1 after 3 p.m. from General Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee. We’ll arrange transportation between the airport and camp.  If busses are needed, there may be a charge of around $20-$30 each way. This will help offset the cost of bus transportation. Please bring extra cash for food prior to arrival and after departure from camp. The first meal provided will be breakfast on 
Dec. 27 and the last meal will be breakfast on Jan. 1.

If you have any questions regarding making flight arrangements, please contact Larry Solomon at [email protected].

Camp Director

Larry Solomon, Winter Camp
6400 York Ave S #416
Edina, MN 55435
417-437-5412 (cell)

Age Range

12 to 19


Camper: $350.00
Staff: no charge


Dec. 27, 2024 - Jan. 1, 2025
(Staff arrives Dec. 26)


Nov. 15 (Staff application deadline Nov. 1)

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