From Ken Treybig, CYC Overall Coordinator: With the ending of Winter Camp, our CYC program has finished another very successful camp year. The total number of attendees (campers and staff) at our preteen and teen camps in 2016 topped the 1,200 mark for the first time. Attendance has shown an increase each year since our beginning in 2011. Comparing the 2016 attendance to our first year shows an increase of 275, a 30 percent increase in attendance. We are very thankful for that and deeply appreciate your prayers and support for the program.

We have been busy planning for this year’s camps and have posted the camps and their dates on our camp website, All our preteen camps will be in the same locations as last year, as will all but one of our teen camps. Due to continuing price increases, we had to leave Camp Strong Rock. After a year and a half of searching and visiting camps in the general area, we have secured the use of Camp Fort Bluff as a replacement. It is located outside Dayton, Tennessee, which is about 45 miles northeast of Chattanooga.

The theme for 2017 will be “Vision: Seeing Clearly in a Clouded World.” We are currently updating all the individual camp pages, working on articles and new photos for the website and expect to have it ready to go around the first of February. Our goal is to have the application system updated and ready to go for the first of March. Watch for further announcements.