We are off to a wonderful start to Camp Agape—our first teen camp at our new location in the beautiful midlands of South Carolina. With 82 campers and 54 staff, this is the largest camp we’ve had in quite some time. The weather has been warm and humid, with an occasional pop-up afternoon rain shower, but nothing that has made us cancel any activities. If anything, the rain has brought a little relief from the heat, although the humidity has remained high.

There is a new feeling to our camp this year. In the past (at Camp Fort Bluff) we’ve had to share the camp with other groups. This year we have the whole camp to ourselves. It really does make a difference, and the campers have noticed it as well. Another big difference is the fact that we now have full use of the kitchen, and we are making our own meals. The food has been terrific.

Our first couple of messages have driven home our camp theme; it truly is a very appropriate theme for our youth. We know there have been a lot of prayers made for the success of all our camps, and it looks as if God has answered those prayers. Thanks in advance for your continued prayers!

Tom Schultz