The camp application system is open and active as of March 1 at 10 a.m. There was a slight makeover of the website, and the camp details for 2019 were made available on the site in mid-February. You may now start applying for the camp(s) of your choice by clicking the “Apply Now” button on that camp’s web page. Alternatively, you may also begin by logging into your Portal account ( and looking for the “Click Here to Apply” button on the bottom left of the home page.

Please note: The system was changed this year to require that a new photo (taken within the last three months) be uploaded and the date entered before you will be allowed to fill in an application for camp. Just click on the red camera icon to the left of the “Enter Applicant Details” to upload a new photo and enter the date it was taken.

Ken Treybig
National Camp Coordinator