We have great news for those interested in attending camp this year. The camp application system is now open!

This year we faced a number of challenges in opening the system for applications, including working around complications from COVID as well as a complete overhaul of our waiver documents by an outside expert attorney. The last of the waiver documentation is still not connected to the application system, but with just six weeks before our first preteen camp starts, we simply could not wait any longer. Go to the camp website ( click on the “Apply” tab on the navigation bar and follow the instructions on that page.

Please go ahead and register now, and the camp directors will send you a link later for the waiver, so be sure to complete that step when you receive that email with the link. The directors will need that electronically signed document before they can actually accept anyone, but having applications will allow them to start firming up their plans for a wonderful camp season this year!

COVID restrictions are beginning to change in a number of ways, and this week the camp team will be discussing changes to our COVID protocols as well. We will be sure to notify you when those protocol changes are finalized and posted on the camp website.