Greetings from Camp Chattahoochee in the beautiful North Georgia mountains.

The weather has been quite nice for June. There have been some scattered storms in the area—some quite severe, with high winds that have knocked out power—but they have not touched this camp! The partly cloudy skies have been a blessing. We’ve been right around the mid-80s for most of the camp, and it looks like that will continue through our Thursday morning departure.

This is our largest attendance ever, with 62 campers and 61 staff! Our numbers have caused some delays in a few areas, but we’re adapting and having FUN, learning more about God through the various aspects of our theme.

“Casualties” have been minimal, with a few bee stings and bruises, but they’re healing up quickly and have not affected participation.

The kitchen was entirely remodeled, and thankfully, through the blessing of the Boot Scoot fund-raiser, we were able to donate a commercial coffeemaker. We are grateful that the owner has allowed us to use this facility each year. It’s difficult to persuade him to let us do any work parties, but with the abundance of staff, I have added a campus improvement team, which has found a variety of ways to contribute.

Thanks for your continued prayers, and thanks to God and Jesus Christ for the blessings we have through our camp program!

I’m heading out to the novelty Olympics, so I’ll sign off here.

Eric Evans