A total of 54 campers, 58 staff and nine apprentice staff arrived to camp yesterday. We finished our on-site staff training and got everyone checked in and fed. Camper orientation went well. After the camp song (“How I Love Thy Law, O Lord”), we sent them back to their dorms for their first dorm meeting and to get settled in.

We had the threat of severe weather overnight, but aside from thunder and a few sprinkles, nothing developed here, and most everyone got a good night’s sleep.

This morning everyone arrived for breakfast and the first Christian Living class of the day with smiles and bright eyes. The activities have all started well, and there is a wonderful atmosphere of excitement, anticipation and desire to do all things with integrity.

The forecast is for high temps, with heat indexes in the low 100s every day, so we are emphasizing water and sunscreen! But we have prayed for and fully expect God’s guiding hand and blessing on this camp. Thank you all for your prayers for the success of camp!