Monday was our first full day of activities at Camp Fort Bluff in the mountains east of Nashville, Tennessee. Staff training was Saturday night and Sunday morning. Campers arrived Sunday afternoon and after dinner enjoyed some mixer activities out on one of the manicured football fields in beautiful evening weather.

We have 83 campers from 18 states and four countries outside the United States—Canada, Barbados, England and South Africa. Our 41 staff members also include four staffers from Barbados, so even our staff has a bit of an international flair as we strive to provide the millennial atmosphere that is such a positive example of God’s way of life in action.

We had some overcast skies this morning and a short, light drizzle in the afternoon, but it didn’t dampen spirits at all. Staff members are attentive and eager to serve, and campers are having a great time, with the first of two dances taking place tonight. We would appreciate prayers for God’s continued blessings!