Greetings from Camp Lone Star!

We are well into the flow of camp now, with 83 campers and 71 staff on site. Camp began on Sunday with some heavy rain during check-in, which later developed into a severe thunderstorm in the area. Around 9 p.m. the camp lost power, and because of the lack of power to the well pump, we soon also lost flowing water! Monday morning the power was still out, so the bucket brigade began, with our staff providing buckets of water from the lake to make flushing the toilets possible. A couple of staff members headed into town to rent generators—one to power the well pump and the other to keep the refrigeration working for the perishable food. Meanwhile, power lines in the area were being repaired by the electric company, with a vague answer as to when power would be restored. The administrative team had a plan in place to notify parents of the situation and end camp on Monday afternoon—just a little over 24 hours after we began. But thankfully, with the generators in place to keep food and sanitation available and to buy us some more time, power was restored, and we were able to continue camp as scheduled!

Camp director Ken Giese used this as a teaching opportunity with the campers, discussing how we have to use discernment when making choices. Our hearts may tell us one thing (stay at camp) and our heads may say another (end camp early to keep everyone safe). In the minds of the campers the second choice was not even an option! Their hearts said “stay,” and their heads said “pray.” What beautiful innocence and faith!

Thankfully, with much prayer and God’s mercy, the choice to end camp early did not have to be made, and campers and staff alike are appreciating being at camp—perhaps even more than usual. Activities have been in full swing with very few schedule changes needed. The weather has changed dramatically, and we’re now enjoying sunny skies and a warm sunny day.

Thanks for your continued prayers for the rest of camp. It’s an awesome privilege to be here together to have our hearts further trained to discern in a way that is pleasing to our great God.

All the best from Camp Lone Star!

Zach Smith
Program Director, Camp Lone Star