Camp Sequoia (preteen) completed its fifth year at the current location in the southern end of the Sequoia National Forest. We had 31 campers and 30 staff members come together for a wonderful and inspiring camp this year. Fifteen of our staff members were teens aged 13-17. That is half of our staff, and it was encouraging to see these teens serving and giving back to the next generation of campers—especially since we have seen many of these volunteers come through the preteen program over the last eight years. We see a generation of leaders emerging as we look to years ahead in the camp program.

There were many first-time campers attending this year, and all of the dorms came together and worked in very positive way to create a camp environment that was rewarding and fun! One dorm was so inspired to achieve their goals in archery that they ALL worked together to encourage and inspire one another. They even came to archery at 6 a.m. the last day of classes to help a camper reach his goal. Every camper in that dorm hit an apple at 20 yards! Quite an achievement for preteen camp!

This year the slip and slide was greatly improved and looked much like a waterpark slide. The camp manager stated that it was the best addition to the camp that he had seen since he had been there.

The weather was hot before camp, but temperatures dropped a few degrees and provided a wonderful camp environment, even getting down to 60 degrees at night. Leaving camp and heading back into the valley, the temperatures rose to a HOT 104 degrees.

Overall, Camp Sequoia (preteen) was a GREAT success!

Paul Carter, director