We are off to a good start here in Montello, Wisconsin. When we arrived to set up, there was rain and several inches of mud in places. It snowed about 5-6 inches on Monday and Monday night. Campers are enjoying the snow. I know of one young man who had never seen snow in real life. He’s very excited! 

Several campers opted out just before camp due to sickness, so we have 71 campers present.

The temperatures during camp are warmer than normal. Tonight’s low will be a toasty 32 degrees, so we have about 20 winter camping outside tonight—in tents instead of quinzhees. (There’s not enough snow to build these snow shelters.)

Most of the campers attended summer camp this year, so they are getting a second dose of the camp theme. They are saying this is a good thing. 

Thankfully, we’re enjoying a “healthy” camp, with only a few coughs and sniffles. So far, we have no flu. 

Thank you for your prayers,
Gary Black