Preteen Camp Agape began with a change in weather—from the hot 90s that the Southeast had been pelted with over the past few weeks to the high 70s and low 80s. Though there was heavy rain around us, we only experienced some light drizzle and were blanketed by an overcast sky, with occasional peeks of the sun, which kept the temperature down.

Since this is a new camp, there were a few minor things that needed to be addressed, but we were pleased with how well everything went the first day! This year we mixed the ages, and since we had more girls than boys, the teams were matched a bit different. Quite a few gave positive comments on the mentoring level of the older campers.

Regretfully, according to protocol, we had to send one staff mom home with her child because the child wasn’t feeling well. We are going to extra levels of sanitizing and monitoring very carefully. We hope and pray that this is an isolated incident.

The day ended as 40 tired but happy campers showered, slipped into their pajamas, grabbed their blankets and pillows, and were treated to a movie and popcorn.

Thanks to all for your prayers for tomorrow to be another wonderful day with no additional sicknesses.