The COGWA administration has had ongoing discussions with our CYC camp directors for the last few months, striving to take into consideration all the factors that might affect our ability to effectively run our summer camps. As all are aware, we made the decision earlier to cancel our June camps due to the restrictions that came about from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the weeks that followed, the camp directors continued to study the situation and evaluate the protocols that would be required if we sponsored our camps. The camp team met again with the administration this past week, on June 3, to discuss our ability to run our camp programs in light of the current community standards and guidelines required of overnight (residential) camps.

Unfortunately, we find that the restrictions that caused us to cancel our June camps are still in place and will likely be so throughout the summer. As such, it seemed unreasonable to the administration and the camp directors to attempt to run our camps amid restrictions requiring social distancing, face coverings, disinfection protocols, transportation restrictions etc. Sadly, this realization necessitates the cancellation of our remaining summer camps.

While this is disappointing to us all—especially our campers—our camp directors will do their best to provide a virtual program that will help to fill the void left by cancellation of our summer camps. Listen for announcements on this as the summer progresses. We would add that we are still planning to host our CYC Winter Camp in late December and are looking forward to a dynamic and exciting camp program in the summer of 2021.

We have appreciated your prayers about this decision and feel that God has led us to the wisest choice at this time.