Today we finished another successful Winter Camp. We had 81 campers and 37 staff, coming from 25 different states.

We arrived at camp to find a thin covering of packed, icy snow. Then it rained all day Thursday, the first day of camp. This is very rare, and I don’t recall it happening before. Temperatures were around 40 degrees. It did snow more on Friday. Then on Monday, the last full day of activities, we had a beautiful afternoon of perfect snow—over 5 inches. Everyone was thrilled, and there were many snowballs thrown!

Other than a change of schedule for the first day, all went well. This was a very healthy year, with very few instances of sickness. Those few who did get sick got better quickly.

Spiritual messages all focused around the theme of walking with integrity and were well received by the campers.

Thank you all for your prayers. It was another good year.

Gary Black